Supreme Court

In 1818, Gustav Von Ohlafen constructed Belize’s first Supreme Court Building reminiscent of the colonial architecture of the time. Built entirely of wood, the building succumbed to a fire that erupted on August 17, 1918. In a determined effort to subdue the raging flames, Hart Bennett, the governor presiding at the time was fatally injured by a fallen flagpole and passed away just a couple days later.


In 1923, while on commission for the construction of the Paslow Building, the Jefferson Construction Company from New Orleans was given the authority to rebuild the Supreme Court Building. Made this time from concrete, construction took place on the very same spot the building was located and replicated the colonial vernacular of the wooden structure with minor alterations to the original design. By 1926, reconstruction was complete and the Supreme Court Building was again ready for business. Today, almost a century later, this historical landmark stands perfectly intact, still functioning as Belize’s Supreme Court. Located on Regent Street, across from the Battlefield Park and in the center of commercial activity of the city, visitors can observe the building while passing through.

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