St. Herman's Cave

One of the most accessible caves in the country sits among the dense tropical forests of the Hummingbird Highway, just 12 miles Southeast of Belmopan. With its visitor center and parking lot located just off the Highway, visitors pay a BZ$8.00 entrance fee and are off on a short 10-minute trail that leads to the wide welcoming entrance of St. Herman’s Cave. Established under the Blue Hole National Park in 1986, this cave has been dubbed archaeologically important, because there is evidence of it being used by the Mayas in the Classic Period of their reign.
sthermans_2_001At the entrance of the cave, visitors climb down steps that were originally carved out of the earth by the Mayas. At this point in the expedition, flashlights are needed to absorb the cool dark atmosphere Among the artifacts discovered in the Cave are torches, spears and pottery.


For the next 20 minutes or so, visitors observe the outstanding rock formations while venturing further into the cave wading contentedly through the cool shallow stream, until the cave seems to come to an end. At this point, a tour guide is required for those wishing to venture further and emerge at one of the other two entrances of the cave. A new ‘Interpretive’ trail has also been developed that leads visitors behind the cave, while observing more outstanding rock formations along the way. This trail also leads to a campsite just 4 km away.


Visitors of St. Herman’s Cave should also visit the Blue Hole; either by trails just 3 km from the cave or further down the highway, a mile and a half from the visitor center.

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