Sittee River

Along the banks of the Sittee River lies a quaint, laid-back little village, often thought of as Hopkins’ sister village because of their close proximity to each other; although the environments are distinctly different ~ Hopkins being a sunny village by the sea, and Sittee River Village, a shaded community along a riverbank. There are two access roads to Sittee River, one via the southern highway, a little further on from the Hopkins cut-off, and a dirt road linking Hopkins to Sittee. Entering from either way, make sure you take the narrow paved road through the village, which parallels the river and the lush vegetation on its banks. Small wooden houses, tiny grocery stores and friendly locals provide a pleasant ride through the village. Residents also occupy the other side of the river and have to take boats to get across.

As a growing tourist destination, there are several small rustic resorts in the village where you can rent kayaks and canoes to go paddling on the river, which is one of Belize’s largest waterways. Paddling on the quiet, calm water provides a relaxing and interesting experience, for the abundance of wildlife along its banks is a nature lover’s dream. Large marine and freshwater crocodiles inhabit the banks and waters of the river and sightings are very common. Iguanas in all the shades of colors they come can be seen sunbathing on the branches of trees hanging over the river. Bird watchers will be thrilled by the variety of airborne wildlife like flycatchers, egrets, kingfisher, toucans, parrots and herons.

Visitors can also take a 25-minute bike ride through the connecting dirt road to get to Hopkins village. Be on the lookout for small crocodiles floating on the surface of the brackish waters of the savannah lands on both sides of the road closer to Hopkins Village. While in the village, lovers of homemade jams and jellies can visit the Codd’s residence where jars of these sweet treats made from a variety of local fruits are produced and sold. Be sure to get a bottle of the Guava Jelly, it is most sublime.

Also of interest in the area are remnants of the 19th century Serpon Sugar Mill.

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