Rio Blanco Falls

Established in 1994 and managed by the Rio Blanco Mayan Association (RBMA), residents of Santa Cruz and Santa Elena Villages in Toledo are very proud to share with visitors the natural splendor of the Rio Blanco National Park. Covering 500 acres, the Park is located approximately 30 miles, traveling northwest from Punta Gorda Town. Boasting a series of waterfalls, the largest and most popular cascading 15 feet into a deep pool at its base, the Park provides an excellent recreational spot for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those who simply want to relax in the peaceful ambiance of a lush tropical forest setting.


Mayan Woman Making Crafts for Sale

A small sign points visitors in the direction of the Park’s entrance. About one mile in along a narrow jungle trail (which may be inaccessible for larger vehicles) visitors will come across two flights of stone steps leading to the waterfalls.

A Visitor Center is on property that displays an array of local Mayan craftwork and provides visitors with information about the park. Park wardens are also available to assist guests at the visitor center.


Rio Blanco Falls (dry season)

The main attraction of the park however, is of course the waterfalls. A natural 20-foot stone ledge towers above the main waterfall providing the ultimate platform for leaping into the deep pool at its base. Popular with locals and tourists alike, this picturesque waterfall and its invigoratingly cool waters is the perfect place to marvel in Mother Nature’s awesome creations. When you tire of swimming in the natural cascades, you can take a walk along the river upstream and observe the abundant bird life in the area. The huge slabs of sandstone rocks also provide the perfect place for a picnic.

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