Museum of Belize

Located on Gabourel Lane in Belize City, just behind the Central Bank Building is the newly established Museum of Belize. Housed in what was once the City Prison, the Museum of Belize is now proud resident of a two-story building whose original bricks and mortar were laid in the mid-1800’s. Fully renovated in 2002, the Museum opened its doors to the public. For a small entrance fee, visitors are transported into a world of ancient Mayan artifacts, encrusted in tales of a lost civilization and evidence of a rich cultural heritage that lives on; and this is only the top floor! A short flight of stairs will transport visitors to the first floor where signs of the building’s history are revealed through the tour of actual jail cells (where claustrophobic-stricken residents would have had the worse time in the unimaginably small chambers); rows of ancient sepia and black and white photos line the walls telling the interesting tale of the City’s history and development; and quite unsettling, is the torn and battered Belize Flag that was recovered after terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center.

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