Monkey River

The most northerly village in the Toledo District seems forgotten in time, as it harmoniously exists with the lush ecosystems along the sandy banks of the Monkey River. Without electricity and direct road access into the village, residents of Monkey River Town (called a town but resembles a village) are families of fishermen and hunters. With the expansion of the tourism industry in the South, Monkey River is now being viewed as a tourist destination and in turn has allowed some residents to enter into the industry by becoming tour guides and hotel and restaurant owners and personnel.There is a bumpy dirt road extending roughly fourteen miles in from the Southern Highway that arrives at the opposite side of the riverbank. Sitting on the other side of the bank, the village is in clear view only 300 feet away. Visitors need only holler out for a ride and someone will drive across the river in a small skiff to retrieve them. If not by road, visitors can also access the village by boat from nearby Placencia (from which point regular runs to Monkey River are available). Located just ten miles south of Placencia, the journey to Monkey River consists of a thirty-minute boat ride through the sea and a short relaxing and scenic cruise up the Monkey River.Monkey River Town as well as its surrounding lush riverine ecosystems is home to many species of flora and fauna. A boat ride up river reveals many wonders of nature ~ Oropendulas are commonly seen hanging in their large woven bag-shaped nests off the branches of trees over the river’s edge; their deep resonating sounds are heard echoing through the trees before the famous howler monkeys come into view; large, colorful, prehistoric-looking iguanas lounge on branches over the river; their larger prehistoric counterpart, the crocodile also sun bathes along the banks of the river as many species of beautiful butterflies gracefully flitter through the air.

For visitors interested in diving, fishing, snorkeling or simply basking in the ultimate privacy of a small white sandy island, tours can be arranged from the village to nearby cayes and lakes.

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