High up in the hills of the Hummingbird Highway, one of the many branches of the Sibun River makes its underground journey towards its main water body. Many years ago there was a large collapse of a cave system in the tropical forests of the Hummingbird Highway. Today, immaculately Read more

Lush mountainous landscapes

It is believed by some that the unique ecosystems of the Mountain Pine Ridge were created centuries ago when a volcanic island erupted onto the mainland. Today, some 127,203 acres of semi-tropical forest, containing a mixture of pine and broadleaf vegetation, all thriving on undulating Read more


Established in 1994 and managed by the Rio Blanco Mayan Association (RBMA), residents of Santa Cruz and Santa Elena Villages in Toledo are very proud to share with visitors the natural splendor of the Rio Blanco National Park. Covering 500 acres, the Park is located approximately 30 Read more


The Rio Bravo Conservation Area is located in the Orange Walk District, and is owned and managed by a private nonprofit Belizean organization, Programme for Belize. The area consists of some 250,000 acres; made up of a combination of broadleaf forest, swamp forest, palm forest, savannah, Read more

Football field in village

A look up into the clear blue sky above reveals a wonderful collage of brilliant colors flying through the cool sweet air, leaving behind a lingering rainbow of red, yellow and blue. The magnificent Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) have chosen the small Mayan Village of Red Bank in South Stann Read more

Well-marked Trail

The Jaguar Preserve is located in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. In 1984 the area was first declared a forest reserve, then in 1986 a small portion was declared a sanctuary. In 1990, the sanctuary was expanded to include the entire forest reserve, resulting in a total protected Read more


Towering 130 feet into the clouds and reaching 6 feet across, the majestic feat of nature known as the Guanacaste Tree, home to numerous species of birds and a large population of orchids and epiphytes, stands as a landmark in the 50-acre forest reserve, known as the Guanacaste National Read more


The Mayflower Bocawina National Park, just recently declared a National Park in 2001, can be found on a feeder road off mile six on the Southern Highway, just 4 1/2 miles in. The narrow dirt road shaded by the jungle’s lush canopy of trees inspires excitement in travelers and hints at Read more


Nestled in 7,200 acres of a private forest reserve, Butterfly Falls is a hidden treasure of the Mountain Pine Ridge. Accessible only to guests of the Hidden Valley Inn located within the reserve, Butterfly Falls offers the unique opportunity of luxuriating in ultimate privacy and Read more


Deep in the escarpment of the Mountain Pine Ridge, Big Rock Falls is another of the area's waterfall treasures. After receiving good directions or the help of a guide, visitors embark on their expedition, either by horseback, mountain bike or vehicle to the hidden waterfall. [caption Read more


One of the most accessible caves in the country sits among the dense tropical forests of the Hummingbird Highway, just 12 miles Southeast of Belmopan. With its visitor center and parking lot located just off the Highway, visitors pay a BZ$8.00 entrance fee and are off on a short 10-minute Read more


The waterfall with its blue crystalline cascade is the stunning foreground of the massive circular entrance of Hokeb Ha Cave. Tucked away in its cool shady hillside, Hokeb Ha Cave (also called ‘Blue Creek Cave’) is located a short twenty minute hike away from the Mayan Village of Blue Read more


Che Chem Ha cave is an off-the-beaten-path destination located about 16 miles from San Ignacio Town in the Cayo district. You arrive at Benque Viejo Town near the Guatemalan border, where you will then make a turn unto the hydro road and continue driving for about 8 miles. Here you will Read more


As the story goes, Tiger Cave got its name when a group of locals followed a large jaguar (or tiger as it was locally called) into a dark cave. The Read more

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