Clarissa Falls

Clarissa Falls is a pleasant recreational spot 5 minutes from San Ignacio Town going further west on the way to Benque Viejo off the Western Highway.Contrary to its name, Clarissa Falls has no falls; Clarissa Rapids may be a more appropriate name.There is a restaurant/bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or have some lunch under a thatched roof in an outdoor atmosphere surrounded by green fields and some wild life, mainly birds.


Dug-out dory on the riverbank

Visitors can take a short walk down to the Mopan River for a dip in its refreshing waters, or rent an inner tube and take a hike up river in order to enjoy the rapids while tubing down stream. There are also lodging facilities consisting of several basic thatched-roof cabanas with modern bathroom facilities. The complex also has camping grounds. Clarissa Falls is an alternative to more conventional lodging available in San Ignacio Town, while still being strategically stationed in the heart of the West.


Thatched Restaurant/Bar

Going further down through the dirt road past Clarissa Falls you can enjoy some beautiful scenic views of the Mopan River. An unusual suspension bridge gives pedestrians access to the small village located at the other side of the river. Belize is full of surprises!


Clarissa Falls on the Mopan River

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