Cerros is also referred to as Cerro Maya “Maya Hill”, and is located on the small peninsula across the green waters of the Corozal Bay from Corozal Town. The site consists of almost 53 acres, with the ceremonial center covering about 5 square miles. Cerros seems to have been first occupied in the Middle Preclassic, rose to prominence during the Late Preclassic (around 300BC), then was gradually abandoned during the Classic period (around 250AD). It is likely that the site was abandoned when the preferred trading route shifted from the sea to overland.



With a population of approximately 2,000, the site was an important coastal trading center. Cerros is comprised of three large acropolises with several plazas and pyramids. Tombs, ball courts and artifacts were also discovered here. Evidence was also found indicating extensive agricultural advancement. Rising to about 72 feet, the panoramic view of the bay from the top of the tallest structure is breathtaking. Two structures were adorned with large stucco masks depicting the sun god and Venus. Because of its proximity to the sea, Cerros has been exposed to considerable erosion. The stucco masks have been covered to prevent further destruction from the elements.


Side view of main structure

Cerros is accessible by boat from Corozal Town. The trip across the Corozal Bay by boat is enjoyable. It is also accessible by a road through Copper Bank, where a hand cranked ferry allows access across the New River. The grounds are usually well kept, with all types of plants, and the area is very serene. Mosquitoes are a problem almost always, but with sufficient repellent, the visit is pleasant. Even though the site is small, it is different from most other sites in the country, and worth a visit if you are planning to spend any time in the north.


Cerros overlooking the Corozal Bay

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