Aguacate Lagoon

A visit to this lagoon is certainly worthwhile, when combined with a visit to Belize’s most populated, progressive Mennonite community, Spanish Lookout. About twenty minutes from Spanish Lookout’s ‘downtown’ area is the secluded Aguacate Lagoon. ‘Aguacate’ is Spanish for Avocado, and it is curious whether the lagoon got its name from Avocado trees in the area.


Friendly Mennonites

The ride is pleasant, but signs are limited – getting there is half the adventure! The layout of Spanish Lookout is such that roads turn unexpectedly, and they seem to go in all directions. Some meet, so if you’re not careful, you could find yourself going around in circles. It’s not easy to get lost, however, as residents are always willing to help with directions. It’s also a good idea to stop at one of the gas stations on the main road before beginning the journey. A friendly attendant may even draw you a map. It’s also recommended that you pick up some cool drinks and a snack. There are no shops at the lagoon, but it is perfect to relax with a cool drink, or have a small picnic.


Mennonite Children in Aguacate Lagoon

Along the way, be on the lookout for birds such as the Roadside Hawk, the Blue/Black Grossbeak or the common Black Vulture. There is a sense of serenity on the drive, and once you start getting close, you’ll see signs that will make you smile.


Mennonite Family

The lagoon itself is rather large, but the water is not clear. Crocodiles are said to live in the lagoon, and the lily pads that grow near the bank give it the stereotypical feel of crocodile country. The breeze is soft and refreshing, and perfect for an afternoon retreat either under a tree, or on the small weathered pier. There is a thatched shed for picnicking, and trails for hiking and birdwatching.

If you are in the Spanish Lookout area, the drive to Aguacate lagoon is worthwhile. You never know what kind of experience you may encounter. Mennonite children often cool off in the lagoon on hot days. You may be lucky enough to run into them, and make new friends on a lovely afternoon.

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